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Attract high quality research with a high quality research management system

If you’re vying for opportunities to extend your reach and raise your research profile, you need to entice the brightest minds and secure leading-edge research. Demonstrate your track record with confidence using a trusted research management system that provides rich information about your research history, success rates and rankings. Give investigators more time for research by reducing their administration load. Our research project management software makes it easy for researchers to collaborate, comply, and be more self-reliant with a single, online entry point to monitor and manage their research.

When resources are stretched, use research management solutions to improve the way you work

Work smart. Save time. Save money.

Our research management software allows you to:

  • Streamline and automate workflows to have consistent processes.
  • Centralise data in one place.
  • Integrate with key corporate systems to reduce double handling.
  • Use SmartForms to collect information digitally to reduce errors.
  • Support your busy stakeholders by making it easy for them to find and share information.

Enjoy a single source of rich, reliable information with our research management tool

Stay competitive, with our trusted research management solution.

Governments, universities, and research organisations from a range of industries use OmniStar so they can be more confident, more efficient and more competitive.

The University of Western Australia

Adopted OmniStar to streamline research applications, introduce electronic approvals, and eliminate paper forms.

Ramsay Health Care

Has chosen OmniStar to incorporate HREC and research governance administrative processes in a single Research Information Management System

St Vincent’s Health Melbourne

Has chosen OmniStar to centralise their data and improve research governance.

The University of Queensland

Is using OmniStar to streamline administrative practices and improve oversight of their enterprise-wide research.

How do research management system (RMS) benefit researchers?

Winning a research grant is a significant achievement in today's competitive environment. However, it comes with several administrative responsibilities for the recipients. As a result, research organisations need to establish efficient processes to ensure successful and timely completion of proposed outcomes.

One effective approach is to implement a cloud-based research management system (RMS). This system enhances researchers' efficiency and ability to collaborate, leading to time savings and increased productivity.

The advantages provided by a research management system are countless. Just a few of the many ways in which it positively impacts researchers' work include:

  • Faster compliance and review processes
  • Prevention of non-compliance
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Regular updates and feature releases
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Centralised and secured data backup
  • Readily available tech support

Research administrators often scramble to meet proposal deadlines, handle last minute budget revisions, and address missing signatures.

Adopting a research management system not only decreases the time required for research administration management but it also expands the research portfolio and boosts revenue. Discover more advantages of using a research management system.

Top considerations when investing in a research management system

If repetitive administrative tasks are consuming valuable time that could be dedicated to essential research endeavours at your organisation, consider implementing an advanced research management system.

When considering which research management platform to use, it can be overwhelming to make the final decision. Is the system user-friendly, compatible with existing apps and systems, and scalable for future requirements?

While cost is certainly a factor to consider, it's important not to compromise on features that align with your organisation's unique needs. Ensure that the system you choose is tailorable, easy to learn and adapt, offers regular vendor support, and is based on industry best practices.

By identifying the gaps in your current systems and processes, you can understand the exact challenges you need to overcome. A secure, electronic research and information management system can revolutionise your organisation's productivity and efficiency. Explore the need for a research management system in your organisation.

One research management platform to help you meet contract and legal obligations

OmniStar Research for university administrators

With OmniStar, The University of Western Australia was able to shift from an outdated paper-based research management system to a fully integrated, digital solution that was compatible with other university systems and could evolve with the university’s growing compliance requirements.

Improve access to reliable information with a research management software

Know more.

If you have multiple sites or faculty programs to manage, you need an easy way to track progress.

Stop sifting through emails and relying on spreadsheets. Get the research management tools you and your stakeholders need.

Importance of good research governance

Good research governance is of the utmost importance in the rapidly evolving research sector. It is supported by robust frameworks from the government, as well as the research institutions that perform research and establish rules, procedures, and ethical guidelines to ensure that research is conducted responsibly, ethically, and with integrity.

These frameworks encompass various aspects, such as participant safety, regulatory compliance, transparency, accountability, and responsible use of data. By adhering to these frameworks, research organisations uphold ethical standards, protect stakeholders' interests, and foster public trust in research.

Ultimately, good research governance plays a vital role in maximising the benefits of research while safeguarding the welfare of participants and maintaining the integrity of the research process.

Learn more about the importance of research governance.

How can research governance be improved?

Ensuring high-quality and reliable research is possible through improved research governance. But how can organisations begin to enhance their research governance?

The following tips can serve as a starting point:

  • Set clear guidelines and ensure everyone follows them
  • Establish standard operating procedures for all research phases
  • Monitor and report research misconduct
  • Support researchers and promote safe practices through funding agencies
  • Foster communication to ensure stakeholder understanding of responsibilities

Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to research governance, each institution should develop and continuously improve a system tailored to the needs of researchers, administrators, and governing boards.

It’s easy to find the information you need with OmniStar Research

Design your own dashboards and landing pages

  • Get real-time reports on screen to share or export.
  • Set on-screen alerts or email reminders for upcoming deadlines.
  • OmniStar adapts to meet your specific and changing needs.

A research management system that is flexible, trusted and secure

Keeps you and your data safe with ASD level security

Strict access control with user-group permissions, single-sign-on, and multifactor authentication make sure data and decision-making is restricted to authorised users.

Simplifies research proposals with HREA and ORCID integration

Standard implementation includes HREA (Human Research Ethics Application), ORCID integration.

Reduces double handling with open standard integration

Engineered with open standards, OmniStar integrates with financial, human resource and document management systems, Office365, and many more.

Support when you need it

Guaranteed ongoing customer service, training and support from an Australia-based company of 25 years.

Custom branding and adaptable cloud solution

  • Secure AWS cloud platform
  • Simple licensing structure
  • WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant

Keeps auditors happy with full audit history

Comprehensive, system-wide, tamper - proof audit logs and version control.

A single, streamlined research management software solution

Manage all aspects of research with ease using OmniStar Research. Our software solution empowers managers and administrators to efficiently handle the entire research process.

Collaborate effortlessly with our SaaS architecture: OmniStar Research operates on a Software as a Service model, enabling easy access to the system through any electronic device with an internet connection. Multiple researchers can contribute to a single application form, fostering collaboration and eliminating the need for constant data transfers. Plus, you can work offline when needed!

Adapt to changes seamlessly: Our SmartForms technology ensures an intelligent and personalised application process. Relevant fields are displayed based on specific applicant requirements, reducing unnecessary data entry. You can easily incorporate regulatory changes into SmartForms and customise the system's 500+ features to align with your organisation's needs. Take advantage of OmniStar Research's workflow engine to define and tailor your own business processes.

A comprehensive solution for research management: OmniStar Research covers all aspects of research management, including application, ethics compliance, and grants. It seamlessly integrates with NHMRC's Human Research Ethics Application (HREA), automating data and document population across forms to save you valuable time.

Ensure transparency and accountability: Our software provides complete visibility throughout the entire research project life cycle, from application to evaluation. It generates a tamper-proof audit log, simplifying compliance and auditing processes.

Proven track record: OmniStar Research has helped numerous organisations achieve their goals, securing over $11 billion in funding for large-scale projects. Experience the potential of our software for yourself.

Find out more about how to overcome challenges in research management. Get in touch with us today to learn how OmniStar Research can transform your research management processes.

Optimise the way you work

Realise your potential with a fully flexible research management solution. OmniStar Research simplifies and automates core processes every step of the way.

Research Journey

See us in action at ARMS 2024

F1 Solutions has partnered with the Australasian Research Management Society to support the research industry for over eight years. Through the OmniStar Research platform we remain committed to the growth and transformation of the research sector through innovation and our ‘good technology’ solutions that empower change and transformation. For more information, meet us at ARMS 2024.

OmniStar Research Logo OmniStar Research Logo

Frequently asked questions

Research data management refers to the organisation, storage, maintenance, and reporting of data collected and utilised in a research project. There are increasing requirements from funders and publishers of research projects in Australia and globally. Effective and simplified data management is important for enabling open access to funded research data. Utilising research management system software is essential for efficient data management, saving time, resources, and labour, while ensuring compliance with ethical and regulatory demands.

A research management system (RMS) is a comprehensive software solution that facilitates the efficient organisation, administration, and oversight of research projects. It streamlines processes such as proposal submission, project management, collaboration, compliance monitoring, and reporting. By centralising data and automating workflows, a research management system enhances productivity, improves data integrity, and enables better decision-making throughout the research lifecycle.

OmniStar offers a range of data management systems, including our research and grants funding tools. As industry leaders in providing innovative, simplified research management, our OmniStar Research system - backed by F1 Solutions, Australia’s leading technology team - is one that can transform the way your organisation operates.

If you’d like to enquire about OmniStar Research or book a demo with one of our data management experts, do not hesitate to get in touch with OmniStar today. A grants, research and ethics management platform and consultancy firm backed by a team of software engineers, we’re always happy to answer your questions.

Research governance refers to the system established by government bodies and research institutions to set rules, procedures, and frameworks that guide the planning, monitoring, and management of research activities. It is designed to ensure that research is conducted with high ethical standards, rigor, and reliability.

Research governance aims to protect the interests of researchers, participants, and stakeholders, while upholding the quality and integrity of research outcomes. In an era of increased funding and widespread research endeavours, good research governance plays a crucial role in maintaining accountability, ethical conduct, and the credibility of research.

With OmniStar Research, you gain access to full-featured, automated, and user-friendly solutions that successfully manages, monitors and reports all aspects of your research project. Proper research data management is essential for storing, organising, and accessing research files. Without adequate management, the integrity and safety of your research can be severely compromised.

Streamline your research, decision making and monitoring with a research management platform that you can reply on. A sound research management tool enables seamless integration and simplified storing processes of important data. OmniStar Research empowers users to manage data, share relevant reports, and transform qualitative data and propriety subjective evaluation into quantitative measures for simplified analysis, safely and efficiently.

Some of the most functions of a research management system include, but are not limited to:

  • Streamlining administrative tasks and reducing paperwork.
  • Enhancing collaboration and efficiency among researchers.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations and ethical standards.
  • Maximising funding opportunities and managing grants.
  • Simplifying research data management and organisation.
  • Generating reports and analytics for tracking progress and impact.
  • Providing customisation and scalability for diverse research needs.
  • Offering a user-friendly interface for ease of use.
  • Integrating with existing systems and tools.
  • Providing ongoing support, training, and updates.

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