Used by Commonwealth, state and local governments, universities, hospitals and philanthropic organisations wanting to seamlessly manage some of the biggest grants and research projects in Australia, New Zealand and America.

Federal Government

Recognised as best-in-class and supporting a best-practice Out of the Box process, OmniStar manages every step of the Grants, Ethics and Research lifecycle. It assures governance and ethics best practice, transforms and automates complex processes and reduces risk, cost and time to market.

Many OmniStar clients are in Federal Government. For example, OmniStar Ethics formed a central part of the solution when the NHMRC made the decision to overhaul and transform its ageing system. OmniStar now powers the NHMRC’s new Human Research Ethics Application (HREA).

State Government

State governments across Australia and their health departments, including NSW, Queensland, South Australia, ACT, Western Australia and Tasmania, have adopted OmniStar solutions to ensure consistency, strong governance and best-in-class ethics, grants and research management.

As some of the nation’s most important funding bodies, it is vital that their governance processes across all funding, ethics and research related programs and grants software are second to none.

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Local Government & Councils

When funds given by a grantor are utilised for essential works, whether that is to do with bushfire recovery, infrastructure projects, maintenance works or numerous other priorities, governance over those funds and their management using grants software must be best in class.

Reports must be filed back to the grantor at regular intervals, accounting standards must be met and compliance must be absolute. For the over 530 councils in Australia, these processes can be streamlined, automated and assured by OmniStar Grants software.

Universities, Colleges & Schools

Universities, typically both a grantee and a grantor of funds, have numerous and complex responsibilities around grants, ethics and research. These administrative necessities can represent an enormous resource drain.

OmniStars Research, Ethics and Grants software is a vital ingredient in the recipe for success in managing, automating and streamlining these responsibilities at such institutions as The University of New South Wales, The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, The University of Western Australia and many more.

The importance of using a system like OmniStar is that is protects you from any compliance breaches.

Harjeet Khanna Executive Manager, Sugar Research Australia

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Free up the bandwidth of your inspired talent, allowing researchers and clinicians to continue to change the world for the better. Our powerful and highly customisable research management platform OmniStar Research automates tasks, simplifies reporting, ensures milestone responsibilities are met and streamlines administrative processes.

For medical research institutes, our class-leading grants software and ethics management platforms, OmniStar Grants and OmniStar Ethics are deeply customisable, meaning they will work the way you need them to, and will evolve with your organisation, always remaining responsive to its requirements.

OmniStar provides organisation-wide transparency, manages ethics assurance, ensures flawless governance, increases analytical and data management capabilities, simplifies and automates reporting and automates time-consuming administrative processes.

Non-Profits, Foundations & Philanthropic

Powerful supporters of early-stage research and other important work, philanthropic organisations have a deep responsibility to their donors to utilise funding for the purpose for which it was given. Often the sustainability of such an organisation is heavily connected to reputation, so any irregularities can be enormously damaging. The OmniStar platform, particularly the OmniStar Grants and OmniStar Ethics solutions, dramatically reduce risk, boost levels of governance and offer great stakeholder confidence.

And as CRCs and RDCs share funds out amongst their specialised and respected research partners, cooperative research centres (CRCs) act as grantors but are, of course, also grantees. They have many important reporting responsibilities, as well as assurance roles around ethics, compliance, governance and more.

The OmniStar Research, Ethics and Grants software platform brings all essential processes and data into one central system, offering transparency, document management, change control, powerful invigilation and a dramatically increased level of confidence for stakeholders that correct processes are being followed.

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