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What’s new in OmniStar 4.4.1?

In our latest release (OmniStar 4.4.1), we have made significant improvements to existing features for better performance and user experience. This intermediate update also introduces a number of new features to provide more flexibility and configurability for end users.

What’s changed
Round and Application reference filters
New Round Stage features including reporting and start & end date and time functionality
Customisable session timer hover text
Audit Log and Event Log time filtering
Ability to download application and save as .omni
Application ID & Title visible in application forms
Customisable pages
Configurable Application/Project Identifier
Acquittal data in Data Migration Wizard

For an in depth look at the changes available in this release, download below.

Zarthost Boman
Written by: Tammy Crane January 2017

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