Heavy lifting across the entire research lifecycle

Developed over more than a decade of deep engagement with the research sector, OmniStar Research does the heavy lifting across the entire research lifecycle. By integrating and automating processes from ethics reviews to grants, scholarships to research governance, IP to reporting and so much more, the OmniStar Research management system gives researchers more time to do what they do best – make a difference.

Australia’s Leading Research Management System

The Value of OmniStar Research

Many research administrators and institutes manage parts of their research process through a mix of disparate systems and spreadsheets. This makes accuracy difficult, errors more likely, and the entire research management process far more time-consuming. 

Some of the core values of the OmniStar Research management system are in tracking how funds are spent and how the current project is going against KPIs. OmniStar Research delivers a previously unimagined level of visibility and accountability, giving all stakeholders relevant levels of insight, trust, and confidence.

By automating complex processes, the OmnniStar Research management system simplifies administration, enabling users to be more productive and efficient whilst reducing risk and cost. 

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Key features & benefits

OmniStar Research transforms the entire lifecycle of research in one central, transparent platform that integrates with vital bodies such as ARC, ORCID, and uses the exact forms and features required by the NHMRC’s Human Research Ethics Application. With configurable, research-specific workflows that automate complex processes – including eligibility check, ethics review, award notification, grant management, milestone reporting and more – the OmniStar Research management system offers institutions powerful workflow benefits. These benefits include time sequencing of changes, attachments, real time data visualisation and customisable, automated reporting options. It all adds up to the reduction of risk, cost and administrative resource drain, releasing more productivity time.

Make it your own

Research data management with over 1000 configurable features and a simple, intuitive interface designed around user experience, including customisable dashboards.

Integration with ARC, ORCID and more

OmniStar comfortably integrates with important institutions, including university identity provider and SSO systems and NHMRC HREA documentation.

Compliance at all levels

All functions and processes are built to comply with current research, data management, governance, and reporting requirements.

Seamless integration

The OmniStar Research management system uses open protocols, meaning best-of-breed external systems can seamlessly integrate and share data.

Transparency & accountability

Stakeholders can see in real-time what is going on within specific projects, or overall. Compliance checking, auditing and reporting are as simple as a few clicks.

Information anywhere and anytime

As the platform is hosted in a secure cloud environment, users can create customised reports, visualise data and utilise analytics to inform decisions from anywhere.

Broad reporting functionality

The OmniStar Research management system software includes user-defined, pre-defined and CSV table reports.

Simple user agreement

Not only do we offer the OmniStar Research management system for an all-inclusive monthly fee, but upgrades are made automatically and for free.

For research of all shapes and sizes

Thanks to its seemingly endless customisation options, and the fact that its power can be boosted by also configuring the OmniStar Ethics and OmniStar Grants modules of the platform, the OmniStar Research management system can manage large-scale, multi-site research projects for major research institutions with ease, just as it can be used to simplify and automate the administration of small, single-researcher projects.

Developed and managed by an Australian company but customisable for any regulatory region, OmniStar Research includes functionality for contracts management, IP management, publications management and all-important impact and engagement tracking, and much more.

Fast Fact

OmniStar Research is the first research management system to integrate fully with NHMRC’s HREA form saving your researchers time.

OmniStar Research for university administrators

The University of Queensland (UQ) required an enterprise-wide, integrated research management system that was researcher centric, project based, and that would enable a holistic view of research project management, administration and compliance across the research lifecycle at UQ. OmniStar Research was that solution.

The OmniStar Research Journey

We are deeply knowledgeable around the entire research journey, from human ethics approval to final report processing and tracking impact and engagement. As a result, OmniStar Research simplifies and automates core processes every step of the way.

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The Omnistar Research solution

Components of the OmniStar Research solution include:
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Grants module

It’s not only about research as settings can be toggled to include all steps of the grants management process.

Ethics module

From submission through to closure, it’s vital to keep track of ethics considerations. OmniStar streamlines and automates them.

Contacts management

All correspondence and documents are tracked, and changes recorded, from the beginning to the end of the project.

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IP management

Ownership of outcomes is always clear as the system records every input, change, contract version and report.

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Finance & budgeting

Manages the numbers every step of the way, particularly throughout the execution and closure stages.

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Security & audit

When strategic reports are required, questions must be answered or security becomes an issue, OmniStar has you covered.

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Publications management

Publications, follow-up projects and more are able to be recorded and reported in perpetuity.

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Impact & engagement tracker

Once the project is complete, researchers can continue to add impact and engagement information via OmniStar, in perpetuity. OmniStar Research has been tested and proven in research management.

The state-of-the-art research management solution

OmniStar Research streamlines and automates all of the key considerations when people are setting up, and managing, a research project, team or institution. Speak with us about how we can tailor the OmniStar Research system to solve your unique challenges.

Meet us at ARMS 2021

F1 Solutions has partnered with the Australasian Research Management Society to support the research industry for over four years and has been elevated in 2019 to Platinum Partner status. Through the OmniStar Research platform we remain committed to the growth and transformation of the research sector through innovation and our ‘good technology’ solutions that empower change and transformation. For more information, meet us at ARMS 2021.

What Is Research Data Management?

Research data management refers to the organisation, storage, maintenance, and reporting of data collected and utilised in a research project. There are a number of growing requirements imposed by funders and publishers of research projects in Australia and globally. Effective and simplified data management is an important aspect of ensuring open access to funded research data. As such, adequate data management with a research management system software is integral in saving time, resources, and labor. Ensuring that the project is meeting all ethics and compliance demands.

Why Do I Need A Research Management System?

Working with OmniStar Research, you have access to full-featured, automated, and user-friendly solutions that successfully manages, monitors and reports all aspects of your research project. Research data management is a crucial component of storing, organising, and accessing research files. With adequate management, the integrity and safety of your research can be severely compromised. Streamline your research, decision making and monitoring with a platform that you can reply on. A sound research management tool will allow for easy integration and simplified storing processes of important data. OmniStar Research allows users to safely and efficiently manage data, share relevant reports and turn qualititative data and propriety subjective evaluation into quantitative measures for simplified analysis.

Why Should I Choose OmniStar Research

OmniStar are pleased to offer a range of data management systems, including our research and grants funding tools. Industry-leaders in providing innovative, simplified research management, the OmniStar Research system can be utilised by organisations. Backed by F1 Solutions, Australia’s leading technology team, the OmniStar Research system is one that can transform the way your organisation operates. If you’d like to enquire about OmniStar Research or book a demo with one of our data management experts, do not hesitate to get in touch with OmniStar today. A grants, research and ethics management platform and consultancy firm backed by a team of software engineers, we’re always happy to answer your questions.

Ready to enhance your research management processes?

Speak with us about how we can help solve your research management challenges with OmniStar Research. Our superior research data management solutions meet all the unique demands of each research project. Whatever it is that you require from your management software, OmniStar Research will be there every step of the way.