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Do you manage parts of the grants lifecycle through various systems and spreadsheets? Stop wasting time trying to track down information or performing the same repetitive tasks again and again. Work with the best grant management system to streamline the process of managing and organising grant funds.

Proven in small and large environments and able to be set up in days, OmniStar Grants provides immediate benefits out of the box. Our grant management software system empowers grant givers and seekers to spend their time making a difference, rather than chasing information.

Maximise outcomes, increase accountability and achieve your performance objectives with our leading grant management system.

Best practice grant management

Working with Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, we have developed a best practice guide to grants management. Out of the Box, OmniStar is aligned with this model supporting application submission through to acquittal and project closure ensuring compliance along the way. Whether you are a government agency, private funder, SMEs or not-for-profit, OmniStar sets the standard for how grants systems should support grant management processes

Key features & benefits

OmniStar Grants is a highly configurable, software as a service (SaaS). It has been built in consultation with industry professionals, over the last 15 years. With configurable features and a powerful user-centred workflow, OmniStar Grants is a grant management software system that provides a new level of performance and automation across the grants lifecycle. OmniStar Grants has been developed for grantors and grantees to provide best practice grant management online. Providing the best grant management system benefits that software can provide one organisation, OmniStar Grants streamlines the process of applications, approvals, communication and organisation. From conception to application, submission and evaluation, through grant awarding, progress monitoring and receiving deliverables to project variation and finalisation, the OmniStar Grants solution is with you every step of the way. And when your needs change, OmniStar Grants changes with you.

We are deeply knowledgeable around the entire grants journey

From ideation to closure, OmniStar Grants simplifies, protects and automates vital processes every step of the way. The OmniStar team has one primary goal: to provide the best grant management system available, reduce costs, streamline the organisation and enable simplified management.

Grants Journey

Grant makers

When it comes to managing grant funds, there is great complexity in designing and opening rounds for submission, and that’s before the grants are even announced. The administrative issues only compound as the grants process continues. OmniStar Grants integrates every part of the grants making process to simplify, smooth out and inform each step. Without complicating the process, OmniStar Grants allows grant makers to tailor grant applications based on the unique requirements of each opportunity, ensuring that they are exposed to the right opportunities. Simplify grant management with the best grant management system available today.

Grant seekers

Applications are a fact of life for grants seekers, and mostly not an enjoyable one. OmniStar Grants simplifies this process and many others, removing pain points and enabling transparency around assessment decisions, automating previously time-consuming processes, ensuring strict contract and document version control, assisting in project set-up, and more. As a grant seeker, our grant management system software takes care of the laborious process, while you get back to delivering on your mission. Working with the best grant management system, seeking and managing grant funds has never been so simple.

OmniStar Grants enables renewable energy amalgamation

In 2012, government-funded organisations involved in renewable energy projects were combined into the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). Its mission was to make renewable energy solutions more affordable and increase their uptake. ARENA needed a streamlined, flexible and adaptable system to manage a wide range of grants and projects and to inform vital decisions. The answer was in OmniStar Grants, providing a complete grant management system, hosted and managed as a Software as a Service.

Join an international grant management community

Collaborate with other like minded grant professionals and share ideas on grant management. All OmniStar clients are provided membership to the Grant Professionals Association (GPA), free of charge. We’re a corporate partner of the GPA – it’s our way of constantly boosting, via education, collaboration and innovation, a vital sector.

OmniStar Grants Logo OmniStar Grants Logo

Frequently asked questions

What Is Grant Management?

Grant management is the process of overseeing and organising the process of grant funding. Managing grant funds encompasses every part of a grant’s lifecycle, from pre-award research through to post-award grant conclusion. Successful and seamless grant is a key organisational component for both the grantmaker and the grant seeker.

What Is A Grant Management System?

Grant management is an organisational system that streamlines the process of managing grant funds. Whether it be from a local council giving out grants to restore a local wetland to a large government organisation giving out grant money to assist with critical medical research, comprehensive grant management is the key to seamless rollout.

Why Do I Need Grant Management Software Systems?

When managing grant funds, you do not need to use spreadsheets, calendars, drop boxes, and manual tracking systems. Working with grant management software, you’re able to rely on a comprehensive system that will safely, reliably, and efficiently manage all aspects of a grant. Here are some other reasons to consider working with the best management system:

Managing Vital Grant Information

Operating with the best grant management system is critical to successfully organising vital grant information, data, and communication between the grantmaker and the grant seeker. In essence, the best grant management systems will enhance the process, ensuring that the project runs smoothly.

Tracking Grant Performance

Grant management software systems are also essential for measuring and tracking grant performance. On either side of the grant, using quality software or a grant management system allows you to monitor progress consistently and maintain a level of organisation. It’s important to monitor all stages of the grant process, pre-award, during, and post-award. This allows for seamless operation and any corrective actions where necessary. OmniStar Grants enables you to do just that.


Compliance with current and relevant legislation around grants and grants reporting is a key aspect of grant management. Don’t waste time trying to manage your own grant compliance – work with the best grant management system available. OmniStar Grants works to ensure all ethics and compliance requirements are met, for both the grantmaker and grant seeker.

Talk To An Expert Today

OmniStar is pleased to present our highly configurable, purpose-built grant management software as a service. Industry-leaders in grant, research, and ethics management, our platforms, and intelligent integration allows for complete transparency and support. If you’d like to learn more about our grant management software systems, do not hesitate to get in touch with the OmniStar team today.

Ready to upgrade your grant management processes?

OmniStar are pleased to present the best grant management system available in Australia. Industry-leaders in managing grant funds, we’ve designed an exceptional software as a service that will transform the way your organisation operates. Grant management software systems don’t have to be complicated – we’ve worked with dozens of organisations, of all sizes, that now streamline the process of fund management with OmniStar Grants. Speak with us about how we can help solve your grant management challenges with OmniStar Grants.