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Delivering more features than any competitor product, the OmniStar platform is a potent example of good technology empowering change. It’s an end-to-end management solution for all stakeholders that integrates every stage of the process and provides complete lifecycle transparency and accountability.

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Take control & Manage compliance

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Say goodbye to disparate grant management systems and spreadsheets

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Know your impact & exploit opportunity with our research management system.

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OmniStar Grants

Any organisation that gives or receives grants requires strong and consistent management reporting capabilities. OmniStar Grants creates a single source of truth that provides real-time and historical information to stakeholders around funds management, compliance, governance and audit. It automates much of the process, simplifying audit and optimising reporting, communication and analytics. OmniStar Grants allows staff and stakeholders to perform higher-value work whilst ensuring confidence in processes, project management and informing important decisions with meaningful data.

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OmniStar Ethics

OmniStar Ethics, the first research management system to integrate fully with NHMRC’s Human Research Ethics Application, streamlines, automates and brings consistency into areas such as approval management, clinical research governance, compliance, biosafety and audit. OmniStar Ethics has inbuilt analytics features to help institutions collect performance metrics that inform evidence-based decisions, encourage strong compliance and governance and support strategic planning as well as project management.

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OmniStar Research

OmniStar Research is an intelligent, integrated research management system that transforms the entire lifecycle of research into one central, transparent platform. With customisable, grant-specific workflows – including round set-up, eligibility check, award notification, milestones, acquittals, and more – it offers institutions powerful workflow benefits. These include time sequencing of changes, attachments and other vital data, real-time data visualisation, milestone and project management with customisable, automated reporting options.

See how OmniStar has helped these great organisations

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Soil CRC Case Study

Soil CRC implemented OmniStar Grants to boost performance, flexibility, adaptability and engagement.

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National Breast Cancer Foundation Case Study

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) was able to streamline its three separate grants management systems into one user-friendly solution using OmniStar.

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OmniStar Ethics was a vital ingredient in the NHMRC’s system transformation for ethics application submissions.

OmniStar has allowed us to rapidly get our portfolio of grants up and running, and knowing that they are all delivering on time and on budget.

Michael Crawford CEO, Soil CRC

OmniStar Community

To continue to improve the work being done in the Australian research and grants sector, OmniStar provides membership to the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) to our clients, free of charge. It’s our way of constantly boosting, via education, collaboration and innovation, a vital sector.

OmniStar Training

In classroom, via webinar or on site, training programs for all aspects of OmniStar are available. Courses include SysOps, Grants Essentials, Ethics Essentials, Designer Essentials, Advanced Configuration and DevOps. Tailored training programs are also accommodated. For more information, download our OmniStar Training brochure.

OmniStar transformation journey


The OmniStar Proposal is an overview of the transformational journey you are about to take.


Kicking off a project ensures you hit the ground running using our best practive set-up.


Change management is core to achieving the transformation that you need.


During the build phase we work together to configure various aspects of the platform to suit your specific needs.

Acceptance Testing

UAT verifies alignment with business processes, addresses challenges and any outstanding issues


Once you are feeling confident with the system and the final checks have been done, it’s a simple matter of flicking a switch are we’re live!


Just because you are live doesn’t mean the journey is over, in fact it is just the beginning!

OmniStar/F1 Solutions is the inaugural Platinum Partner of ARMS

In 2019, F1 Solutions was announced as the inaugural Platinum Corporate Partner of the Australian Research Management Society (ARMS). The three-year partnership provides a deep engagement for OmniStar and F1 Solutions with the Australian research management sector. “On behalf of the ARMS Board, I wish to extend our gratitude for the generous support of F1 Solutions as our first Platinum Partner and for its commitment to the research management community over the next three years,” said ARMS President, Dr Campbell Thomson. “This support is vital in helping to deliver a range of important member benefits in our ever-changing research landscape”.

ARMS 2024

F1 Solutions has partnered with ARMS to support the research sector through innovation and ‘good technology’ solutions that empower change and transformation.

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Enhanced Reporting and Intelligence

Provides a configurable and customisable dashboard, ad-hoc and predefined reporting, and advanced searching and filtering tools. This allows access to unprecedented levels of business intelligence and targeted reporting.

Pre-Populated Multistage Applications

Provides an intuitive and intelligent application process by using information the previous application stage to pre-populate information in the next stage. Applications forms support a range of modern features.

Visibility for Applicants & Researchers

Allows applicants who have applied to log on and view how far their application has progressed. Successful applicants can later see how much money they have been granted and upcoming contractual obligations.

Superior Relationship Management

Allows you to categorise people, researchers and institutions with meaningful classifications to help you identify the right person or target audience to contact when needed — helping you deliver excellent client service.

Intelligent SmartForms

Allows Application Forms, Reviewer Forms, Progress Reports & Final Reports to be tailored to suit specific organisational needs. Conditional logic, validation and data driven functions guide the user through the submission process, enhancing the user experience.

Effortless Compliance

Provides a full history and audit log on all records, contracts, projects, applications, evaluations and more. You can have peace of mind that the funds granted are being expended in accordance with legislative requirements.

Industry Standard Integration

Improves efficiency by automation. It has the ability to integrate with your external services, such as your single sign-on provider, data warehouses, records management systems and corporate finance system. With a comprehensive API siloed systems and data are a thing of the past.

Easy Communication with Applicants, Researchers and Stakeholders

OmniStar makes communication and project management with applicants and stakeholders easy! You can schedule and send bulk emails and newsletters from one central point.

Download the grant management best practice guide

Working with Gartner, the world’s leading research & advisory company, we have developed a model for best practice grants management.