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OmniStar Research selected as the future-proof Research Management System for The University of Queensland

We are proud to announce another one of the leading Group of Eight universities, The University of Queensland (UQ), has just gone live with MyResearch powered by OmniStar Research, on 27 January 2021.

MyResearch is a researcher centric Research Management System that is purpose-built to deliver efficiencies across the board.

MyResearch facilitates the effective, streamlined and transparent administration of research projects, including research administration management, and compliance management. The solution also supports integration with core UQ systems and enables a holistic view of research project management, administration and compliance across the entire research lifecycle.

MyResearch enables individual researchers and research administrators to have direct access to key research project information in real-time, facilitating research administration and compliance management. Streamlined online application and electronic approval processes means more time for researchers to do what they do best while providing substantial staff resource capacity savings and a better user experience for every stakeholder.

The benefits of MyResearch:

  • upgraded research management software and functionality providing researchers real-time, online project information and control of research administration,
  • streamlined online application and electronic approval processes for key research administration tasks and functions,
  • enhanced connectivity and integration of research management functions across the research lifecycle (including ethics, funding, data management and publication),
  • increased agility to accommodate changing operational requirements,
  • enhanced capabilities for analysis, monitoring and governance of research,
  • enhanced client satisfaction and ongoing partnerships,
  • increased efficiency in project operationalisation and accuracy, and
  • reduction in enquiry demand around setup, funding and administration.

OmniStar, which powers MyResearch is a purpose built, software-as-a-service platform incorporating the very latest principles, practices and standards for grants, ethics and research management. It has been developed over almost two decades of consultation with many of leading research and grants institutions and now powers such institutions as The University of Western Australia, National Health and Medical Research Council and most recently, South Australia Health.

Zarthost Boman
Written by: Stefan Ferreira February 2021

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