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OmniStar is an industry leading, best practice grants, ethics and research management SaaS. It automates administration processes, soothes pain points and develops new insight and potent processes in organisations that make or receive grants, conduct or support research, or have an ethics focus.

Best practice for grants, ethics and research

Working with Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, we have developed a best practice guide to grants, ethics and research management. Out of the Box, OmniStar is aligned with this model ensuring compliance along the way. Whether you are a government agency, private funder, university, hospital, SMEs or not-for-profit, OmniStar sets the standard for how systems should support grants, ethics and research management processes.

The OmniStar story

A thorough understanding of the key phases of the grant lifecycle is vital when developing and implementing a grants, ethics or research management solution.

OmniStar is a purpose built, state of the art, software-as-a-service platform incorporating the very latest principles, practices and standards for grants, ethics and research management. It has been developed over more than a decade of consultation with many of leading research and grants institutions and now powers such institutions as the NHMRC.

  • Transforms and automates complex processes
  • Offers a simple, intuitive platform
  • Enables users to be more productive and efficient
  • Reduces risk, cost and time to market
  • Introduces sophisticated reporting functionality

OmniStar offers unparalleled control, visibility, governance and compliance capabilities. So much more powerful than an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all offering, OmniStar is a transformative platform with the potential to re-shape and enhance the research, grants and ethics landscape.

Project Manager, ARENA Logo
“ARENA engaged F1 Solutions on a time and materials basis to perform the agreed scope of work. Weekly project status meetings were held to manage the delivery of the scope of work to the agreed budget, time frame and risk management. F1 Solutions went the extra mile to ensure the delivery of the project.”
Lloyd Monahan, Project Manager, ARENA

Fit for purpose

The OmniStar platform can be designed into specific solutions for particular industries and needs. These are broadly split into three parts – OmniStar Ethics, OmniStar Grants and OmniStar Research. Each is an end-to-end management solution supporting our best-practice model out of the box.

Each solution enables a single source of truth, meaning real-time information and analytics are available to all stakeholders around funds management, compliance, audit, approval management, safety and much more.

Processes are automated and simplified – audit reports can be generated with a few clicks. Time-sequenced data from the fully integrated system can be analysed to offer powerful insight, identify trends and reveal patterns that were not previously visible. Decisions can be informed by real facts, in real time.

Meaningful business intelligence populates personalised dashboards.
The simple, intuitive platform enables users to be more productive and efficient. From reporting and accountability to relationship management, governance and compliance, OmniStar revolutionises the way grants, ethics and research is managed.

NHMRC transformation

The National Ethics Application Form (NEAF), widely used by researchers throughout Australia to submit ethics applications for review by a Human Research Ethics Committee, had numerous limitations. F1 Solutions implemented OmniStar Ethics, offering users a streamlined experience and integrating with third-party systems for digital submissions. This new system, the Human Research Ethics Application (HREA), replaced the existing platform and was a resounding success.

Enhanced reporting

Make intelligent and confident decisions, with quick access to your data and configure bespoke reports for a holistic business overview.

OmniStar’s flexible dashboard and reporting functionality exceeds canned and ad – hoc features of the past. We welcome a new era of dashboards, visualisations, and reporting by unlocking data from silos, to give you full control over and access to the data you need, in real-time.

The flexibility of our dashboard and reporting solution provides organisations of all sizes access to timely and relevant insights, allowing you to effectively track, manage, and measure your performance.

Why CRMs are not Grant Management Systems

Designed for both grant makers (funders) and grant takers (grantees). OmniStar is a purpose-built granting platform that configures to address the specific variants of grants patterns that include applications, assessments, interactions, contracts, reminders, milestones, financial and project/risk management activities required to implement the intended grant outcome sought.

CRM’s are built for a different domain requirement (than GMS). They are built for industry sectors such as Sales, Services and Marketing to manage customer relationships. Avoid making a costly mistake by trying to twist a CRM into a grant management system!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to provide you with more information about OmniStar.

Who we are

The OmniStar platform is developed and managed by F1 Solutions, a leading Australian technology provider and software developer trusted by client organisations, including major universities and government departments, since 1996.

At F1 Solutions we make technology simple, intelligent and accessible. We offer businesses a sharp, competitive edge and a better ability to develop and bring to market ideas that make the world a better place.

With OmniStar, we bring performance and innovation to an environment of discovery, knowledge, ethics and compliance. This aligns with our goal to make our clients’ lives simpler, better and richer, boosting their ability to do more good, be more productive and drive transformational change.

Download the grant management best practice guide

Working with Gartner, the world’s leading research & advisory company, we have developed a model for best practice grants management. Download it here.