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At the heart of every research organisation – from government bodies to universities, health organisations and medical research institutes – must be a robust ethics governance framework. OmniStar Ethics is a compliance management system that strengthens, maintains and ensures the sustainability and growth of that framework at every stage of the funding process.

What is OmniStar Ethics?

OmniStar Ethics is a highly configurable management solution that removes cumbersome, paper-based processes, providing an entirely new level of functionality for seamless, consistent and automated management of ethics compliance, and the processes that govern them.

After almost two decades of development of the OmniStar platform on which the Ethics solution operates, this intelligent platform is being used in the market to manage over 6000 projects, collectively worth more than $14 billion.

OmniStar Ethics brings transparency and reporting efficiency to the governance of all ethics-related matters, including human, animal, gene technology, biosafety and radiation safety.

The solution solves numerous pain points, from automating reporting to document control, and from workflow assurance to dashboards that offer a graphical overview of specific aspects of progress to those that require that visibility.

It even helps in preparing meeting agendas and recording minutes.

Everything anybody requires is only ever a few clicks away. In a nutshell, OmniStar Ethics facilitates information sharing and communication, automates labour-intensive tasks, informs and enforces ethical processes and ensures vital standards are met.

Find out how OmniStar Ethics can help streamline governance and compliance.

Which ethics types are supported?

The governance of ethics in medical research is intended to uphold vital ethical standards that ultimately ensure respect for the health and rights of all human or animal subjects. OmniStar Ethics’ compliance management system provides full support for human, animal, gene technology, biosafety and radiation safety ethics.

All research involving human beings, apart from projects relying solely on publicly available data or documents, must be reviewed by an ethics committee to ensure appropriate standards are upheld both during the research project and after its completion. OmniStar Ethics ensures ethics governance and compliance.

Similarly, any use of animals for scientific purpose must also follow strict guidelines set by the federal government, regulated by state and territory governments and governed by such bodies as animal ethics committees, the Animal Research Review Panel and various animal welfare units.

Key governance features

Almost two decades of software engineering and collaboration with the research grants and ethics sectors have produced a class-leading solution boasting powerful governance features. We’ve developed a leading ethics and compliance management system that delivers innovative, relevant and exceptional features specific for ethics governance.

Seamless Integration

OmniStar Ethics SmartForms have been designed to help researchers conform to applicable legal, regulatory and institutional requirements, appropriate ethical and scientific standards and standards of quality, safety, privacy, risk management and financial management. This enables HRECs and governance committees to confirm adequate care has been taken in the ethical review and site assessment processes.

Over 1000 customisable features and functions

OmniStar Ethics has over 1000 features that can be turned on or off as required, all aimed at the administrative side of the business process. With various features activated, it becomes a bespoke solution, responsive to the unique needs and priorities of your organisation. As the industry and your organisation grows and changes, so does the technology.

Clear, concise, real-time reporting

The highly flexible and easily customisable dashboard allows for efficient and clear visualisation of key information including application statistics, progress of a review, approvals status and decisions and applications pending review. This real-time visualisation of important information enables accurate and decisive action and decisions.

Real-time and historical auditing

The ad-hoc reporting, audit log function and ability to export data for use by external systems functions is critical to knowing where and when amendments were made. It provides granular visibility and control when ethics governance is required.

Industry leading review process support

From online submission to tracking, editing, managing and finalising an application, multiple reviews can be conducted along the way by multiple reviewers, based on predefined requirements. The compliance management system allows for ongoing editing and reviewing within the process.

User-designed workflow configuration

By pre-defining their own workflows, organisations can ensure all requirements are met with little manual input, therefore little chance for user error. The compliance management software system ensures that all demands are met, increasing reliability.

Fully integrated

Tedious and time consuming tasks are now automated, resulting in greater productivity from the same number of personnel, vastly improving quality of output, and increasing staff engagement.

Unprecedented collaboration

The cloud-based, online portal for stakeholders, including HREC members, allows participants to easily share information and communicate with one another.

Meets governance requirements of funding bodies and HRECs

Universities, government departments and other funding bodies must commit to ethical practice standards for any research that impacts on or involves humans or animals. Human research ethics committees (HRECs) are responsible for independently and expertly reviewing research projects and programs, as well as conducting risk assessments and ensuring each and every project meets the required levels of ethical practice. As pressure on vital resources increases, OmniStar Ethics compliance management system automates, streamlines and brings unparalleled consistency to the ethics governance process. The compliance management system creates a single source of truth where all correspondence, documents, versions, decisions, meeting minutes and more are captured and provides, in return, a surety and consistency of process that was not previously achievable.

An Ethics & Compliance Management System That Streamlines the Application Journey

The OmniStar Ethics compliance management system is a solution that offers powerful automated and streamlining functionality every step of the way for those involved in research requiring ethics approval. These steps include:

  • Application: new, revisions or amendments
  • Human ethics proviso corrective action: milestones, reviews, decisions and outcomes
  • Approval: including all assessments, meetings, outcomes and reviews per reviewer
  • Human ethics incident reports: generic forms, workflows, approvals and outcomes
  • Decisions: automatic notification to the applicant and any other stakeholders
  • Human ethics final report: includes HREC meeting and discussion notes
  • Projects: monitoring for compliance, management of milestone reports and generic forms
  • Assessment and applicant response
  • Human ethics annual report: milestones, workflow, approvals and scheduled tasks

National Health & Medical Research Council

NHMRC implemented F1 Solutions OmniStar Ethics, offering users a streamlined experience. OmniStar Ethics facilitates integration with external systems. This system is known as Human Research Ethics Application (HREA). The uptake of HREA is significantly higher compared with the previous system. We are told HREA is a resounding success; usage statistics support this claim.

The OmniStar Ethics Management Journey

From ideation to beyond closure, OmniStar Ethics simplifies, protects and automates vital ethics governance processes every step of the way.

Journey Image

Compliance management is a key aspect of ensuring that your organisation or project is meeting all ethics and compliance requirements and legislation. OmniStar Ethics provides a solution for the ongoing process of monitoring and assessing projects to ensure they comply with industry and security standards, along with corporate and regulatory policies and requirements.

OmniStar Ethics provides leading compliance management for federal, state and local government organisations, research compliance legislation and requirements, education ethics and compliance, healthcare research compliance and non-for-profit ethics and compliance management.

OmniStar are a leading solutions-based organisation that work to deliver grant, research and compliance management technology. Backed by F1 Solutions, the industry leaders of simplified technology, OmniStar was created to deliver innovative, simplified and advanced tools for organisations of all sizes across Australia and internationally. To learn more about how OmniStar can benefit your organisation, speak to one of our experts today.

The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA) implemented OmniStar Research to support the administration of grant funds and enable compliance across the entire ethics review process when conduction animal research, human participant research, and biosafety research (Genetically Modified Organisms and biohazardous material). The Ethics component included built in analytics which collected performance metrics that informed evidence-based decisions and encouraged governance backed by transparency and visibility.

See ethics in action at ARMS 2021

F1 Solutions is a Platinum Corporate Partner of ARMS (the Australasian Research Management Society). Each year we work closely with ARMS to bring the latest innovation and ethics solutions to the ARMS Annual Conference and demonstrate how research and ethics integration can help save researchers time and bring rich insights to the research, ethics and grant management process. Book a demo to meet us at ARMS 2021 and find out how OmniStar Ethics can simplify your work.

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