If your information is scattered you can tidy up with OmniStar

OmniStar Ethics brings information and people together with a single, online solution.

It supports good governance with automated workflows and alerts.

Real-time reports and dashboards give you the information you need, now. Get a birds-eye-view or drill-down into the details.

Find out how OmniStar Ethics can help streamline governance and compliance

When resources are stretched you can use technology to improve the way you work

Streamline and automate workflows for more consistent processes.

Centralise data in one place. Integrate with key corporate systems, so you know your information is reliable and current.

Use SmartForms to collect information digitally to reduce errors.

Support your busy stakeholders by making it easy for them to find and share information.

  • Replace paper forms, spreadsheets, and time-consuming processes
  • Use SmartForms to manage data capture
  • Design re-usable templates for documents, reports, and email
  • Design automated workflows to streamline and improve current business processes
  • Collaborate with their team online
  • Submit, monitor, and share updates about research proposals and site assessments online
  • Save time with a single online application form
  • Receive online notifications when decisions are made, and reminders when milestone reports are coming due.
  • Spend less time checking, with in-built compliance controls
  • Access and review proposals, supporting documents and meeting documents, online
  • Share comments and collaborate with other committee members, anywhere – anytime
  • Sign-off and authorise decisions online.

If you need to be accountable, you need a trusted solution

Governments, universities, research organisations and hospitals trust OmniStar to manage their research ethics and governance.


The National Health and Medical Research Council chose OmniStar to revolutionise ethics research applications. Researchers in Australia now submit their human research applications online. HREA has made it easier for human research ethics committees to review and approve applications. Researchers can track their application progress online, anytime.

NSW Health – REGIS

New South Wales Health chose OmniStar for its new Research and Ethics Governance Information System. REGIS standardised ethics and site applications and approvals for human research projects across 26 sites. Researchers can now submit applications to any NSW or ACT public health organisation using a single system.

SA Health – Research GEMS

South Australia Health adopted OmniStar as the state’s new Research Governance Ethics Management System. Online forms replaced paper forms. Digital workflows streamlined manual processes. Research applicants now submit HREA and SSA forms online. They can monitor progress of their applications and submit post-approval updates using one system.

Manage risk and improve productivity

When you have multiple sites or programs to manage, it’s good to have an easy way to monitor progress.

  • With the right tools, you can keep an eye on what’s important and receive alerts when you need to take action.
  • With consistent processes and in-built checks you can be confident that you are complying with relevant guidelines and regulations.
  • If you’re looking for ways to be more productive, it’s helpful to compare activity across sites or departments.
  • With ready access to performance data you can make better decisions and respond to problems sooner.

With OmniStar, you’ll have peace of mind.

Customise your own dashboards and landing pages with helpful graphs and tables

Know what’s going on, with real-time reports to share or export.
Manage risk with alerts of adverse events, and reminders when reports are due.

National Health & Medical Research Council

NHMRC implemented F1 Solutions OmniStar Ethics, offering users a streamlined experience. OmniStar Ethics facilitates integration with external systems. This system is known as Human Research Ethics Application (HREA). The uptake of HREA is significantly higher compared with the previous system. We are told HREA is a resounding success; usage statistics support this claim.

We’ve worked closely with experts to make ethics administration and governance easy for everyone

Drawing from the NHMRC Research and Governance Handbook: For the National Approach to a single ethical review.

You can use OmniStar Ethics for any type of Ethics

Ethics Journey

OmniStar Ethics Logo OmniStar Ethics Logo

Flexible, trusted and secure

Take control of research ethics administration and governance. Adapt and grow with OmniStar’s flexible, no-code solution.

Keeps you and your data safe with ASD level security

Strict access control with user-group permissions, single-sign-on, and multifactor authentication make sure data and decision-making are restricted to authorised users.

Keeps auditors happy with full audit history

Comprehensive, system-wide, tamper-proof audit logs and version control.

Simplifies proposals with HREA and ORCID integration

Standard implementation includes HREA (Human Research Ethics Application), ORCID integration.

Reduces double handling with open standard integration

Engineered with open standards, OmniStar integrates with financial, human resource and document management systems, Office365, and many more.

Support when you need it

Guaranteed ongoing customer service, training and support from Canberra-based company of 25 years.

Customisable and adaptable cloud solution

  • Secure AWS cloud platform
  • Custom branding
  • Simple licensing structure
  • WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant

The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA) implemented OmniStar Research to support the administration of grant funds and enable compliance across the entire ethics review process when conduction animal research, human participant research, and biosafety research (Genetically Modified Organisms and biohazardous material). The Ethics component included built in analytics which collected performance metrics that informed evidence-based decisions and encouraged governance backed by transparency and visibility.

See us in action at ARMS 2023

F1 Solutions is a Platinum Corporate Partner of ARMS (the Australasian Research Management Society). Each year we work closely with ARMS to bring the latest innovation and ethics solutions to the ARMS Annual Conference and demonstrate how research and ethics integration can help save researchers time and bring rich insights to the research, ethics and grant management process. Book a demo to meet us at ARMS 2023 and find out how OmniStar Ethics can simplify your work.

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