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In today’s knowledge-based economy grants funding, ethics governance and research projects are strategic tools and indispensable assets, acting as the catalyst for ground-breaking discoveries, philanthropic endeavours and stimulating private sector innovation. Tap into over 15 years of rich grants, ethics and research insights directly via our blog.

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We love the impact that our pioneering work in grants, ethics governance and research can deliver. We set out 15 years ago to transform lives with technology that makes a difference. That vision and purpose still underpins what we do today and is at the very heart of what we love about OmniStar. Today we are honoured to play our part in solving some of the most challenging health, social, technological, and environmental problems facing mankind. It’s been said that a moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience and we believe our Insights blog is proof of the impact we create by reimagining grants, ethics and research for a better tomorrow.

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OmniStar Research

UQ goes live with OmniStar Research

We are proud to announce another one of the leading Group of Eight universities, The University of Queensland (UQ), has just gone live with MyResearch powered by OmniStar Research, on 27 January 2021.

OmniStar Grants version 5.0
Software release

OmniStar 5.1

OmniStar 5.1 brings with it a number of new features to improve existing functionality in the system, simplifying and enhancing the capabilities associated with common tasks. 

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OmniStar Ethics

SA Health goes live with OmniStar Ethics

South Australia Health (SA Health) recently announced in December 2020 that they went live with  OmniStar Ethics, enabling consistent management and reporting for research ethics and governance activities.

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Grants Mangement

Why CRMs are not Grant Management Systems​

CRM’s are built for a different domain requirement (than GMS). They are built for industry sectors such as Sales, Services and Marketing to manage customer relationships. Avoid making a costly mistake by trying to twist a CRM into a grant management system!

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Grants Management

When to use Built-for-purpose Grants Management System

There are lots of systems that claim to be able to provide grant management capabilities. This article covers the considerations and common pitfalls when selecting other than a purpose built grant management system. 

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Grants Management

Grants Management Platform is best for Grants Management System

You would not set out today to build a bespoke FMIS; so why take on the risk & cost of a bespoke Grants development on your CRM. See why a purpose built Grants Management System is the best choice.

OmniStar Grants version 5.0
Software release

Simple. Smart. Secure. OmniStar 5.0

OmniStar 5.0 ushers in significant improvements to existing features & user experience, in addition to introducing several new features to provide more flexibility and configurability for end users.

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OmniStar Platform

OmniStar is highly configurable

If software does not simplify your life then its not very good is it? Like the trusty swiss army knife, OmniStar has a simple fix for almost every challenge grants, ethics or research management could throw at you.

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A reimagining of grants, ethics and research

A purpose built, state of the art, SaaS platform incorporating and automating the very latest principles, practices and standards for grants, ethics and research management.

OmniStar version 4.8
Software release

OmniStar 4.8

OmniStar 4.8 heralds a host of updates for our end – users. Login and enjoy a new and improved external portal, as well as an updated application viewer.

OmniStar Grants version 4.9
Software release

OmniStar 4.9: Enhancing the user experience

From application status and version control to tracked changes and COI, OmniStar 4.9 is truly intelligent. Lift performance and get more control from end-to-end.

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OmniStar Ethics

OmniEthics, the platform for REGIS

We are proud to announce that OmniEthics has been announced the platform for NSW Health’s Research Ethics and Governance Information System (REGIS).

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OmniStar Ethics

Ethics review in Australia

Dr. Gordon McGurk of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) discusses the streamlined efforts that NHMRC are undertaking to streamline ethics reviews. 

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OmniStar Ethics

Managing your ethics review panels

Managing ethics review panels can be a difficult & complex task. Add to that the need to manage the meetings, decisions and communication and the task can be complicated and time-consuming.

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OmniStar Ethics

Human Research Ethics Application

In 2016, The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia, developed a new ethics application form which completely revolutionised the way in which research data is collected in human research tests.

OmniStar version 4.5
Software release

OmniStar 4.5

Major changes available in Omni 4.5 include improvements to the review process and the introduction of new features such as meetings and generic forms.



OmniStar version 4.7
Software release

OmniStar 4.6

Huge improvements have been made to our feature stack. The most notable being the ORCiD integration, ensuring Universities and Institutions have a single source of truth for their data.



OmniStar version 4.7
Software release

OmniStar 4.7

Several important changes have been added to OmniStar 4.7,  these include improved navigation, a configurable homepage, enhanced meeting functionality.



OmniStar version 4.3
Software release

OmniStar 4.3

OmniStar 4.3 includes the introduction of application track changes, data migration tools, and a new and improved external portal. 




OmniStar version 4.4
Software release

OmniStar 4.4

OmniStar 4.4, brings users increased performance and better user experience with the ability to set and forget new interactive user-friendly data migration tool interface. Users can now also schedule emails to be sent out at a specified time. 


OmniStar version 4.4.1
Software release

OmniStar 4.4.1: Flexibility
& configurability

Significant improvements to existing features with a number of new features that provide more flexibility and configurability for end users




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OmniStar Platform

ORCiD integration

The Australasia ORCiD Consortium, launched in April 2015, to provide a national approach to adoption and integration of ORCiD. Since then, universities have been encouraging researchers to create and include their ORCiD unique identifier when applying for grants

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Research management

Overcoming research management challenges

Research has grown at 3.71% from 2010 to 2014. Although this is a good sign of a thriving industry, various problems come with it. In this article, we will discuss top hurdles that research administrators and managers are facing and how they can manage it.

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OmniStar platform

Why Smartforms solve so many problems

The rise of the digital era has seen the death of many once-loved items, think CD players, basic hand – held calculators and address books. Smartforms now bridge the gap between paper and electronic, solving the problems faced with each.

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