About Soil CRC

The Soil CRC (CRC for High Performance Soils) was established in 2017 to give farmers the knowledge and tools they need to make decisions on soil management issues.

Through its research program, the Soil CRC develops solutions to unlock the potential of Australia’s agricultural sector, delivering:

  • Mechanisms for financially rewarding management of high performance soils
  • Integrated solutions providing greater precision for farmers
  • New ways to measure soil performance
  • Innovative products to increase soil fertility and function

The Challenge

To boost performance, flexibility, adaptability and engagement, Soil CRC’s defined requirements of a new grants management system were:

  • Web-based and accessible remotely by tablet and smartphone
  • Ability to submit, assess, and manage projects online
  • Must meet Australian National Audit Office guidelines and Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines
  • Transparency, with simple, automated internal tracking mechanism
  • Flexibility and automation in form design
  • Application review, including check of applicant’s legal status
  • Central repository for all communications and documents, including letters, emails and board dockets
  • Thorough records of project requirements and evaluations
  • Payments management and milestones
  • Streamlined, customisable and automated permissions and workflow processes

The Solution

F1 Solutions proposed OmniStar Grants to meet Soil CRC’s needs.

OmniStar Grants is architected as an end-to-end Grants Management solution, consisting of three components – external portal, internal portal and CRM – that seamlessly interact to provide a highly flexible and feature rich platform for grant giving organisations.

These three capabilities around a centrally integrated solution would deliver tailored visibility and functionality to all stakeholders.

OmniStar Grants can be configured for simple or highly complex environments. It facilitates multiple approaches to manage grant development, application creation, awarding of grants and ongoing grant management and review. Within Soil CRC, this would promote standards-based procedures, increase efficiencies, enable stringent compliance and promote transparent, evidence-based decision making.

The benefits for Soil CRC

Reporting and analytics

OmniStar Grants provides the automated business intelligence and analytics the modern organisation results.

Information transparency

OmniStar Grants’ Project Management functionality offers researchers and administrators information visibility for effective execution and management of projects.

Flexible, role-based workflows

People-based, as opposed to role-based, workflows fail when staff leave. OmniStar instead creates role-based workflows that allow new hires to quickly grasp their responsibilities.


OmniStar Grants provides a solution far more user friendly than databases and spreadsheets, or other legacy, grants-management systems

Increased user satisfaction

Using a modern solution, on modern hardware and equipment, with a modern UX and UI creates great user engagement


OmniStar Grants provides simple integration with identity providers for seamless security, FMIS services to synchronise payments and document management systems,

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Using OmniStar, UWA was able to shift from an outdated paper-based research management system to a fully integrated, digital solution that could evolve with the university's growing compliance requirements.

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OmniStar has enabled the University of Queensland (UQ) to integrate their ethics management system with other UQ systems of record, reducing the time spent on data entry during the ethics application process and enabling data linkage across systems.

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