Cancer Institute NSW (CINSW) has as its vision to end cancers as we know them. The organisation partners with the health system and the community to improve cancer outcomes, working across the healthcare system to promote better cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and care. CINSW funds cancer research, focusing on the translation of research findings into clinical practice.

The Challenge

Each year, CINSW is responsible for the distribution of around $28 million of cancer research funding. Previously, a number of disparate systems were used to manage, capture, store and report on grants and projects. Grant management had become increasingly complex.

The systems were difficult and time-consuming for key stakeholders including researchers, organisations applying for grants, and grant evaluators.

Improvements in, and automation of, functionality such as application forms, guidelines, workflow approvals, processing capabilities and reporting were crucial.

The Solution

CINSW selected F1 Solutions’ flagship product OmniStar Grants as the system to administer and manage their research grants. OmniStar is hosted in the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS).

All existing data was migrated to the new environment using the inbuilt data migration tool. This included over 20,000 documents and tens of thousands of records. All application forms were re-designed with SmartForm technology.

During the project, F1 Solutions also provided CINSW with strategic IT advice and consultancy services, to improve the organisation’s business processes.

The benefits for CINSW

Increased visibility

OmniStar Grants has given CINSW vision across all of its programs, offering the organisation the data it required to develop a more informed investment strategy.

Improved reporting

CINSW is better able to meet its significant reporting needs and thereby improve operational processes.

Complete compliance

More flexible and powerful system audits and granular optics ensure the organisation is fully compliant and meets its probity criteria.

Improved processes

Communication, document sharing, meeting and collaboration functionality support CINSW’s business processes more efficiently.

Improved Productivity

Tedious and time consuming tasks are now automated, resulting in greater productivity from the same number of personnel, vastly improving quality of output, and increasing staff engagement.

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