Enterprise reporting

A new era of reporting

OmniStar’s flexible dashboard and reporting functionality exceed canned and ad – hoc features of the past. We welcome a new era of dashboards, visualisations, and reporting by unlocking data from silos, to give you full control over and access to the data you need, in real-time. The flexibility of our dashboard and reporting solution provides organisations of all sizes access to timely and relevant insights, allowing you to effectively track, manage, and measure your performance. For those who want uncomplicated, clear, and insightful data to assist in answering pivotal questions, and ensuring important initiatives are being managed properly, the OmniStar out – of – the box reporting package will provide you with:

Instant access to your data

Create deeply customised reports set – up for your organisations unique needs by accessing all your real – time data. OmniStar lets you pull the insights you need, when you need them.

Actionable Insights

Understand the entire lifecycle of your program, with powerful data visualisations that help you quickly identify performance outcomes and compliance measures. Creating increased accountability at every step of the way.

Interactive dashboards

Oversee and execute your program’s responsibilities in one central location. With the help of interactive dashboards, you can analyse and track all your critical information, allowing you to make confident decisions, quickly.

For enterprises who need to provide greater transparency, and sophisticated methods of not only accessing but also managing data, OmniStar offers a premium reporting bundle. With OmniStar Premium, you can expect:

Super charged data

OmniStar allows organisations to ingest data into data warehouses or data lakes and then to overlay and enrich the data sets with additional data sources to provide an enriched and contiguous view of information over a period of time. This functionality allows for multiple views of the data for your organisation slice and dice to preference and in turn working to provide a much broader, holistic view. As well as complete control.

Increased reporting performance

Overcome any limitiations within your data sets by diving in deeper with OmniStar. Our enhanced reporting feature allows you to directly access information through industry-standard protocols, create your own database with functions and views, or connect your own preferred visualization and reporting toolings. Combine this with Power BI technology and you have access to hundreds of data visualisations, tight excel integration, and prebuilt custom connectors. OmniStar gives you rich data and true insights.

OmniStar’s dashboard and reporting capabilities allow you to better support operational decisions and maximise your effectiveness. The OmniStar solution places sophisticated tools at your disposal to help you translate your data into actionable insights.