Department of Natural Resources, Mining and Energy Case Study


In 2017 the Queensland Government established the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME). The department is responsible for helping the community and government make the best use of renewable and non-renewable land, water, mineral and energy resources to deliver sustainable benefits for current and future generations of Queenslanders.

The Challenge

At the establishment of DNRME, the grants management system inherited by the department was outdated. An improved system and set of processes was required to provide the desired level of service, probity and adherence to legislation. The new system would shape the way Queensland’s natural resources, mining and energy sectors were managed into the future.

Visibility within the existing system provided was inadequate, and it lacked flexibility to adapt and grow with the needs of the department. DNRME needed a system that could assist with the management of a multitude of projects, ensure consistency in processes and fund allocation, boost productivity and ensure compliance with legislative guidelines.

Funding for projects was allocated in line with the Queensland Government Natural Resources Investment Program (NRIP) 2018–2022 Program Guidelines. DNRME required absolute compliance, excellent governance and flawless oversight in the administration of NRIP grant funding.

The Solution

F1 Solutions proposed its OmniStar Grants SaaS solution and the project was split into two phases. Phase one enabled DNRME to enter their existing project data quickly and easily. Phase two developed and configured reports, processed from all stakeholders, that would help to streamline and automate many previously resource-intensive processes.

The system would offer transparency around funding, meetings, contract and other document versions, real-time project results, reporting and tracking of project milestones.

On successful completion of user acceptance testing, the system was implemented. OmniStar Grants now offers DNRME full oversight of all governance and project processes, streamlines and automates previously time-consuming tasks, creates full transparency for all stakeholders, delivers previously unimagined evaluation and reporting data, automatically tracks major milestones, and much more.

The benefits for DNRME

Enhanced communication:

OmniStar informs delivery organisations about upcoming projects whilst automating internal communications about tracking and case management. This has led to better information exchange, faster, more seamless communication and powerful stakeholder engagement.

Better reporting:

Data analytics, automated and customisable reports and powerful information functionality help to meet strict reporting responsibilities. Better reporting helps DNMRE maintain assurance around the use of grant money and its positive impact on natural assets.

Increased efficiencies:

Time saving was high on the list of requirements from DNRME. The system was built to automate and streamline numerous processes. This was critical for departmental performance.

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Better probity:

Auditors have all necessary information in real time, mitigating financial or audit level risks and serving as a backstop for, and supporting, DNRME’s financial rules and workflows. It ensures better probity and assurance, reduces risk and improves efficiencies whilst increasing transparency.


OmniStar automated and standardised the entire business process. Staff are allocated roles and are notified when they must complete a task. This reduces the training required and empowers new staff, also reducing management supervision.

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