Foundation & Non Profit Grant Management

OmniStar have developed robust grant management software for non-profits, philanthropic organisations, charities and foundations. OmniStar Grants is a cloud solution designed to streamline the grant making process and provide a comprehensive view of funding, taking away the stress of audits and complicated regulatory requirements.

Exceptional Grant Management through OmniStar

OmniStar have developed robust grant management software for non-profits, philanthropic organisations, charities and foundations. The key benefits of OmniStar mean that these organisations have access to a flexible, powerful software that manages all grant making in one intuitive solution.

Philanthropic organisations have an inherent responsibility to manage and distribute funds from their donors for the purpose for which it was given. These non-profit organisations can have a sizeable financial scope and many stakeholders to look after and service. Such an organisation’s reputation is often vital to its success and longevity, so it is essential to have a transparent and streamlined system for managing both the grant creation and approval process. As part of our non-profit management software, the OmniStar Grants solution provides systems that bring all essential data into one central system, offering transparency, control and increased confidence amongst stakeholders.

Grant Management Software for Foundations

Even before the grant’s announcement, there is an immense amount of complexity in designing and opening rounds for grant submissions. As the grant process develops, so do the administrative requirements.

OmniStar Grants provides a non profit grant management software that integrates every part of the grant creation process to ensure a seamless transition from start to finish. Our non profit grant management software  can be accessed anywhere and at any time, on any device.

Users can track all goals and impacts through configurable KPIs, progress reporting and dashboards. OmniStar allows grant makers to analyse contact interaction, meetings and communication with an integrated CRM. Maximise the productivity of your organisation with automated workflows and reminders, notifications, to do lists, electronic document and record management with OmniStar today.



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Aiding Grant Makers

Philanthropic organisations and foundations develop and offer many grants to community organisations, charities, researchers and other enterprises. Grant approval and delivery requires a significant amount of planning, vetting of applicants and transparency around decision making. OmniStar Grants provides a highly configurable grant management system purpose-built for organisations like these.

OmniStar empowers grant givers to focus on making a difference rather than worry about tedious administrative processes with automated functions and streamlined processes. The best practice grant process that is embedded into the product will allow your organisation to get up and running immediately with confidence.

Equipping Grant Seekers

Non-profit organisations, charities and foundations serve as influential social organisations seeking to improve the quality of life for community members and broader society through a range of activities, and services. Grant funding provides vital financial support, which helps fund future work and activities for these organisations.

As such, Grant seekers may be also managing multiple applications over extended periods of time. OmniStar Grants offers a streamlined solution for both the grant application and management process. The platform does this by automating labour-intensive processes with predetermined application workflows for the grant seeker – taking the guesswork out of applying for a grant. OmniStar ensures that applying for a grant is entirely fool proof by facilitating collaboration on applications, allowing for version control and providing a snapshot of which applications have been applied for.

The Importance of Non Profit Grant Management Software

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For both the grantor and grantee, an integrated non profit management software ensures transparency and integrity at both ends of the process. Efficient and clear visualisations of application statistics, the progress of reviews and decisions provide a fair and effective grant management software for foundations.

For grant seekers, having an integrated system where all parties can consolidate their findings and efforts can considerably improve an organisations’ fundraising ability. Having quick access to past, present, and future grant information is essential to sustainable grant-winning practices. By coordinating within the same system, all organisation members can stay informed about updates and deadlines during the grant approval process.

Ensuring integrity and simplicity across all stages of the grant management process ensures that the great work of these organisations can continue and make a difference to the world around us. These organisations are vital in both funding and executing research, activities, and charities that promote positive change at all government, industry, and social levels.

At OmniStar we pride ourselves on promoting positive change by developing our streamlined and state of the art products that allow these organisations to fulfil their missions and serve the needs of their stakeholders.

Leaders in Non-Profit Management Software

OmniStar is committed to delivering industry-leading systems to manage all stages of the grant approval and management process for Non-profits, philanthropic organisations and foundations. Our highly configurable foundation grant management software removes the need for old, outdated practices by providing a sophisticated and streamlined design to ensure integrity, accessibility and simplified workflows across a whole organisation.

We are a corporate partner of the GPA as we continually boost the vital sectors of education, collaboration and innovation. All OmniStar clients are provided membership to the Grant Professionals Association free of charge. This platform will allow you and your organisation to collaborate with other like-minded grant professionals and share grant management ideas. We seek to support non-profit and philanthropic work through our software and empower the broader community through developing networks with like-minded industry professionals. 

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