Federal Grant Management

Omnistar Provides Leading Solutions and Software for the Successful Management of Grants Funding Protocols for Federal Government Agencies. Working with a range of federal government organisations, OmniStar is designed to streamline grant management processes for federal government grant makers and seekers.

Managing Federal Government Grants

Catering to a wide range of grant maker and seeker requirements, OmniStar delivers leading federal grant management systems for government organisations. An industry leader in management software, OmniStar have developed a range of exceptional federal government management software products. 

Federal grants are widely relied on to achieve government policy objectives, facilitating the funding of billions of dollars to the non-government sector each year. Working in partnership with individuals and various organisations, federal government agencies award grants and funding to deliver positive and constructive outcomes for the Australian public. 

Aligned with the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines, OmniStar is a platform used by grant makers in federal positions to successfully manage grants and funding – from the process of conception of the opportunity to pre-award, award, post-award and closeout of the grant. Federal grants require strict consideration, administration and management – that’s where OmniStar Grants come in.

Managing Government Grants

OmniStar work with a variety of Federal Government clients. 

Namely, OmniStar has been a vital component of the new and updated system created for NHMRC. Amidst the decision to overhaul and transform the existing ageing system, OmniStar played a central part in modernising and automating management support. OmniStar is now the provider of the NHMRC’s new Human Research Ethics Application (HREA).

Supporting federal governments to manage grants and funding requirements, OmniStar delivers a leading solution for federal management with OmniStar Grants. OmniStar is recognised as an industry-leading management provider, offering expert support to manage every step of the grants giving and receiving lifecycle. 



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Automate the Grant Lifecycle with OmniStar

OmniStar Grants is a highly intelligent integration of form and function to deliver complete grant lifecycle transparency.

Simplified automation and ease of monitoring ensure a standardised approach compliant with federal regulations. OmniStar Grants for federal grant management delivers an interface designed to handle end-to-end management from application intake to award and through to closeout.

Say goodbye to ageing software and spreadsheets – we’ve got your federal grant management requirements covered with OmniStar Grants. You can stop wasting time and resources trying to track down valuable information for federal grants as everything you need is neatly and precisely stored, monitored and accessible with OmniStar Grants.

Out of the box, OmniStar Grants is both seamless and straightforward to set up. Working with Gartner, the internationally recognised leaders in research and advisory, we’ve teamed up to provide a comprehensive and exceptional best practice guide for federal grant management. From the application submission through to the acquittal and project closure, OmniStar provides leading support every step along the way while ensuring full relevant compliance with all regulations.

Revolutionise the Way Federal Government Grants Are Managed

Facilitate research & social initiatives through Federal grant management

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OmniStar Grants provides a leading data management system for federal government agencies. Developed to provide comprehensive management of the grant lifecycle, OmniStar allows federal agencies to successfully oversee all grants given for research and community outcomes. 

Government grant programs can be complicated and challenging to manage, monitor and keep track of. Outside of the administrative management requirements of federal grant management, there’s also the task of ensuring everything complies with ethics and protocols. OmniStar takes the hard work of ensuring that you’re meeting and complying with the correct Commonwealth standards for your federal grants giving. 

Working with OmniStar for federal grant regulation and management means working with an organisation that prioritises automated and simplified processes. Our tools assure governance and ethics best practice, streamline and transform complex processes and reduces risk, expenses and time to market.

Assisting Leading Federal Agencies with Successful Management

OmniStar Provided the Australian Renewable Energy Agency with Leading Grant Management Solutions

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is responsible for over $3 billion of funding for innovative renewable energy projects in Australia. To achieve its important and timely ambitions, ARENA approached OmniStar requiring a streamlined process to manage these grants and provide insight to ensure compliance with the Australian National Audit’s Office.

OmniStar Grants met many of ARENA’s demands out of the box, and where gaps were present, OmniStar was tailored to meet each specific requirement. Backed by F1 Solutions, OmniStar has fit ARENA with a fully hosted and managed grants system that provides functionality for all ARENA programs. OmniStar Grants SaaS assisted ARENA with a managed grants management system that delivered improved visibility and functionality for ARENA’s programs. Today, OmniStar is the day-to-day grants management system relied upon for all of ARENA’s programs.

Managing Federal Government Grants with OmniStar

As some of Australia’s most important funding bodies, it is vital that federal government organisations’ governance processes all funding, research and grant lifecycles appropriately. As such, it is of great value to work with a leading tool that ensures consistency, strong governance and best-in-class grants and research management. That’s where OmniStar comes in.

OmniStar offers a variety of multidisciplinary solutions for federal government organisations. Our solutions work to solve numerous pain points, automate processes and simplify the management of federal agencies’ grants. Backed by one of Australia’s leading technology agencies, OmniStar is built on the belief that modern management is the key to the seamless execution of the next generation of grants and research for federal agencies. 

Between the OmniStar intelligent online forms, seamless integrations, complete transparency and accountability, compliance at all levels, seamless integrations, powerful reporting and access anywhere, anytime, OmniStar delivers the leading tried and tested grants management system in Australia. 

If you’re ready to enhance your grants management and governance processes, speak to OmniStar today to discuss your options for your federal agency. Automate, comply and drive decisions with our all-in-one platform.

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