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Personalisable SmartForms

Get started in seconds with SmartForms, which give unrestrained scope to design intuitive, WCAG forms, which only request the information a user absolutely must provide, then enjoy online collaboration with peers and HREA integration. Find out more about SmartForms by booking an OmniStar demonstration today.

Business process automation with workflows

There is no one-size-fits-all in the fields of grants, ethics and research. We don’t expect you to bend to our rules. Our graphical workflow engine is configurable by client system administrators to implement client specific workflow to increase process efficiencies. Get a glimpse of next generation workflow automation by booking an OmniStar demonstration today. 

Powerful visualisations and reporting

Save time and effort with our powerful reporting functionality. OmniStar’s reporting database offers functionally rich data visualisation useable by clients to generate reports – dashboards, ad hoc and structured. An OmniStar demonstration will help unlock significant value so book yours today.

OmniStar Grants

Any organisation that gives or receives grants requires strong and consistent management reporting capabilities. An OmniStar demonstration can show you how OmniStar Grants creates a single source of truth providing real-time and historical information to stakeholders around funds management, compliance, governance and audit. It automates much of the process, simplifying audit and optimising reporting, communication and analytics. OmniStar Grants allows staff and stakeholders to perform higher-value work whilst ensuring confidence in processes and informing important decisions with meaningful data.

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OmniStar Ethics

OmniStar Ethics, the first research management system to integrate fully with NHMRC’s Human Research Ethics Application, streamlines, automates and brings consistency into areas such as approval management, clinical research governance, compliance, biosafety and audit. The OmniStar demonstration will give you a look under the hood and show how OmniStar Ethics inbuilt analytics features help institutions collect performance metrics that inform evidence-based decisions, encourage strong compliance and governance and support strategic planning.

OmniStar Research

OmniStar Research is an intelligent, integrated research management system that transforms the entire lifecycle of research into one central, transparent platform. With customisable, grant-specific workflows – including round set-up, eligibility check, award notification, milestones, acquittals, and more – it offers institutions powerful workflow benefits. Take a closer look at the OmniStar demonstration which includes time sequencing of changes, attachments and other vital data, real-time data visualisation, milestone management and customisable, automated reporting options.

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